October 28th, 2006

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Spook Music Revisited

Despite the fact that each of the songs in the previous two entries had 100 downloads on them, most of them (I'm hearing) have run out. I reuploaded the entire vampire section and most of the werewolves/zombies, but finally went, you know, to hell with this--I'll just zip them up and hope the internets hold out long enough to upload 'em. So as I get those up (I'll update this entry and the previous ones as well), could someone with a really fast connection grab them and upload them to a mirror yousendit.com link? Please? ETA: Ah, apparently megaupload.com has unlimited downloads for 30 days. We'll try that after the ones I've already started at YSI finish uploading.

>> Vampires
>>>> Vampires mirror
>> Werewolves & Zombies
>>>> W&Z mirror
>> Psychopaths
>> Ghosts and Demons (MegaUpload)
>> General Menace 1 (Alice Cooper - Danny Elfman, MegaUpload)
>> General Menace 2 (David Bowie - Meat Loaf, SendSpace)
>> General Menace 3 (NIN - Siouxsie, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 1 (Afrika - Eleanor, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 2 (Iggy - Loreena, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 3 (Lo-Fi - Stones, SendSpace)

I also had to make an executive decision, which is this: rather than compile all the dozens (possibly 100+) reader recs/uploads, I'm going to have to let you just browse the comments and take what you want. Because I can't reupload and compile and try to write this recap, which is probably going to involve watching the episode again at ABC because I'm getting stuck because I can't remember things, only the internet hates me and FAUGH. And I hate that, because there were some fantastic recs in there. In fact, if you download nothing else, grab Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains," courtesy of dramedy, for it is to lol. And just reading the chorus lyrics doesn't convey the fact that... well, you'll see. A+, would rofl again.

Also, since people were asking for it, uploaded Nonpoint's cover of "In The Air Tonight" from the recent Miami Vice soundtrack.

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Shit, my internet just went out again.

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