October 31st, 2006


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I'm holding off posting these on the main comm until later today, since I posted the parody last night, and a lot of people probably won't even see it until they check their friends lists this morning. (It is currently 3:30 am, and I can't sleep because I lost another battle in the Thermostat Wars.) So I figured I'd go ahead and let Y'all, The Faithful, have at 'em. Twelve is about all I could manage, given the images currently available--none of which were particularly spoilery; there won't be DVD-quality screencaps until the Oscar screeners come out in about a month, most likely.

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Here's what I love: BellSouth insists that internet woes are a problem on my end, despite the fact that my internet is slow or out at the same time every day (with additional, random outages), which would suggest to me that it's THEIR PROBLEM, and THEIR NETWORK, because it's not like my modem's just going to be like, "I don't like afternoooooons, you guyyyyyys." So I call to complain yet again, and the BellSouth guy just sort of casually mentions that they're going to be out in my area working on the line, so turn off the computer and unplug everything and then reboot "at some point in the afternoon," but it is, in fact, still my modem that's the problem.

Uh huh.

At some point, I need to carve another pumpkin this afternoon/evening--it's been tempting to just leave the one I did last Sunday out there, but it's half-covered with black (and red) mold on the inside, and the long fangs I cut for it have now completely curled under, making it look toothless. Also, it keeps asking when Jello's going to be. Really, we need another jack o' lantern. I think I'm going to do a Jack Skellington face, but I hate gutting the pumpkin. I mean, I don't mind the goo; I mind that it takes me so frickin' long to do it. Also, I really wish I had one of the little sawwy knives that Valkyrie and Dr. Typo had. But really, our honor in the neighborhood is at stake. A new jack must be carved.

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A particularly juicy set of linkspam, with first looks at The Golden Age and His Dark Materials, and some choice Cruise and Federline schadenfreude: Collapse )

Oh, and if you play Kingdom of Loathing, make sure you log in for Crimboween today.

And finally, this_quiet: "Hi. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to link Light a Million Candles in your next linkspam. It's a website advocating against online child pornography, and I think it's really important that we get the word out there, that it's really happening, one of the more unfortunate products of the internet. Anyway, it would mean a lot if you did. Thank you!"

ETA: Cookies of Win go to sabinelagrande for not just deciphering the coded passage in Borden's parody diary, but for also catching a mistake I made. (I'm surprised I only made one.) (Yes, that was a functional cryptogram. Again: the kind of quality you have come to expect from this journal.)

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