November 5th, 2006

key to the kingdom

Rx for Writer's Block, Part 3

Omg, I totally forgot that it's V Day. So much for "Remember, remember."

Meanwhile, I didn't end up going to a movie this afternoon, but it looks like I might be going tonight. So I might as well post what I've got now:

Since it's NaNo time, and since I'm actually using some of these techniques myself, it seemed like as good a time as any to pick up with the third installment of the writer's block thing I was doing in July. Yes, it's November now. Y'all should know by now how badly I suck at finishing things.

Part of the reason I didn't write this up at the time is that I had a lot of grandiose ideas that I couldn't quite organize or articulate. (Oh, the ironing.) I think what I have to admit up front here is that I'm so incredibly not qualified to teach a class in Structure of the Narrative, which is what my original idea resembled. I should just say, very simply, that there are two approaches to looking at narrative structure when you get stuck, and they are this: Collapse )

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