November 9th, 2006

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Lost in translation

The Lovely Emily calls me last night; we're going to try to see Marie Antoinette on Friday. She's suggested that we all (her, me, and Brett the Vet) take some kind of trip next Septemberish, and last night, she has an idea for the destination. (Keep in mind, also, that the only time I ever left the U.S. was to go to Cuba, I was hoping for a country where I spoke the language--French, English or Spanish--or something at least close to it, and that my friends are better-traveled than I am, so there's an issue of me wanting to go places they've already been.) However, we're both on cell phones, she's in her car, and the connection isn't all that great.

WHAT SHE ACTUALLY SAYS: "We could go to Quebec!"

WHAT I HEAR: "We could go to Tibet!"

CLEO: "... Oh. Well... oh. Yeah, I... I guess."

EMILY: "Come on, it would be fun!"

CLEO: "Isn't it... kind of cold up there?"

EMILY: "Well, I mean, we would go in September, so it wouldn't be that bad."

CLEO: "Aren't there... a lot of mountains...?"

EMILY: "Well, we're not going to climb them or anything."

CLEO: "And... yaks?"

EMILY: "What?"

Democrats take control of the Senate; world welcomes shift in U.S. politics.

Losses on ballot measures jolt religious. "From the country's heartland, voters sent messages that altered America's culture wars and dismayed the religious right — defending abortion rights in South Dakota, endorsing stem cell research in Missouri, and, in a national first, rejecting a same-sex marriage ban in Arizona.
Conservative leaders were jolted by the setbacks and looked for an explanation Wednesday. Janice Shaw Crouse, a conservative analyst with Concerned Women for America, suggested that Republicans — some of them entangled in corruption and sex scandals — had lost some of the selling power of the 'family values' themes they had pushed in recent elections." I think a lot of it has to do with a national sense of disgust towards this particular incarnation of the Republican party--the incarnation that has embraced the divisive, hateful, hypocritical, bombastic Coulter-O'Reilly rhetoric, a party where Coulter can get away with claiming that liberals are traitors. Mind you, I'm not saying that Republican voters are like this, which is precisely the problem--in trying to capitalize on emotions running high after 9/11, the Republican party has turned into a viper's nest of blowhards and bullies. It's ended up where even people with Republican values don't want anything to do with them. Unfortunately, it's taken five years for that to happen.

'60 Minutes' reporter Ed Bradley dies of leukemia.

AP: Startling findings in Pat Tillman probe. Yeah, things are starting to get weird.

11M bottles of acetaminophen recalled.

Lemony Snicket's novel Adverbs to be a movie. Okay, I could have said "Daniel Handler's," but would you have known immediately who I meant?

FedEx seeks support, child custody. "A day after Britney Spears filed divorce papers, Kevin Federline counter-filed court papers Wednesday seeking sole custody of the couple's two children." Ahahaha... ahahahahahahahaha!

And finally, happy birthday to katesti and particle_person!

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Disjointed entry, but at least the new dosage is working

So. After two years of my printer sitting in the box--I bought it, along with my then-new PC Betsy 2.0, with the first half of my book advance in 2004--I have finally taken it out and set it up. And other than HP enclosing THE WRONG KIND OF CORD (hey! hey! USB cords! they don't have ROUND ENDS! you do this for a living! I would think you would know the difference!), it's lovely. My only problem with it so far is that I can't figure out how to set the printer options to draft/grayscale/print from last page as defaults. I mean, I see how to set them to those options; I just don't see a way to make it (semi-) permanent.

(I should stop here and say that this is one of my most persistent character traits: to yearn and yearn for things, finally acquire them, and then squirrel them away for... later. Sometime. Not everything, and not always--some things get devoured instantly--but this is why I have tons of books, DVDs, and mp3s that I've never actually read, watched, or listened to. The upside of this is that if you get bored one day, it's like instant Christmas! Whee!)

Also, I really want creme brulee now. (Yes, I know there are properly about three different accent marks employed in that dessert, but try telling the Food Network that.) Instead of that, we're having breakfast for dinner, most likely employing the new toaster, about which I am way too excited. The old toaster finally just died on us--you'd depress the lever even a teensy bit, you might just think about taking out some bread, and it'd go off like a game show buzzer. "What is NO TOAST FOR YOU!" So we got a new one that has one removable crumb tray, two levers, three settings, and four slots (ah ah ahhh!). It reheats! It defrosts! It... bagels? It bagels! Which is not even to mention the fact that it is trilingual. (It's a toaster! C'est un grille-pain! Es un tostador!) My toaster is smarter than I am and I love it.

Meanwhile, I am horribly behind on my NaNo--NaNoMeWoe, I suppose.

Sen. Allen concedes defeat in Virginia. God, finally.

Apparently the new Spider-Man 3 trailer will be on tonight at 10 pm ET--on CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Showtime, and VH1, among others, and then on iFilm.

Comics question the rise of Dane Cook. I love that the actual URL for this article is

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