November 12th, 2006

marie antoinette


Okay, I'm curious: how are people doing on their NaNoWriMos? Because... I am not doing so well. In the sense that I didn't even open Word several days this week.

jennnk: "Don't know if you've seen this (NY Times, might have to log in), but one of the targets of Dateline's 'To Catch a Predator' series killed himself rather than getting taken by police. A bit more serious than that usual linkspam, but more important than Lohan could ever hope to be." To wit: Collapse )

Venice mayor: Flood barriers a mistake.

FedEx threatens to sell sex tape. Britney can either give him $30M and the kids, or he'll sell it for $50M. On one hand, I don't want the useless sleaze to get any of her money--or anyone else's--but on the other, I'm hoping some quiet philanthropist will buy it up and nuke it from orbit. Haven't we all suffered enough?

'Borat' banks $29M, keeps top movie spot (AP). Okay, this time, I actually saw it coming. By contrast, Stranger Than Fiction debuted with less than half that sum, which, sadly, I also saw coming. (Want to seeee!)

Maguire's fiancee gives birth to girl; world replies, "He was dating someone?"

Ban religion, says Elton John. Oh... oh dear.

Kylie Minogue dazzles in return to stage. Make sure you check out the accompanying picture of La Minogue in her Satine-esque showgirl costume.

New items at the Noble Collection, including new Harry Potter character wands (I actually woke up this morning from a dream where Lupin was complaining bitterly that replicas of his wand were for sale); a completely awesome Narnia wardrobe jewelry chest that I would snap up if the NC prices weren't ridiculous; and all of Captain Jack's rings, from people who, if I didn't know better, I would think were reading my journal.

modpixie: "According to a source on i_heart_sofia (I know, I know) the news about the Tipping the Velvet movie is fake and Sofia is not happy. Which, granted, is news from a random person on the internet, but there's so much that looks wrong with that news report..." As I said in the comments to my original entry on the subject, there were so many things that struck me as being off about the article: Collapse )

Is a burrito a sandwich? Judge says no.

25 years later, Luke and Laura wed again. "Seeking a place where he could freely walk unrecognized, [Anthony Geary] moved all the way to Amsterdam, where he still lives today. 'He'd go to events and women would come up to him and go, "Rape me, Luke," which I guess is a bit disorienting,' Hinsey [editor of Soap Opera Weekly] said." Understatement Weekly was unavailable for comment.

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