November 19th, 2006



Horoscope of Eerie Aptness: The heavy emotional energy around you today could be a result of an extremely active subconscious. Have you been having especially vivid dreams lately? This could be a sign that you'll be entering a very active conscious phase quite soon. This is a good time to tie up loose ends and put some order back in your daily routine. The pace of your life is about to increase dramatically. If you have been waiting for a reason to celebrate, one is coming very soon!

Whoa. I have been having really vivid dreams. This afternoon, for example, I dreamed that Aretha Franklin and Cookie Monster covered Prince's "P. Control" for Sesame Street--as "Cookie Control." I'm pretty sure that "Cookies are a sometimes food" was in there somewhere, and it rhymed with something, but I can't really remember now. If this is true--that vivid dreams presage creativity; not that Sesame Street did a cover of "P. Control"--then it's time to pop the champagne, because I am so behind on my NaNo. If the Sesame Street thing is true, on the other hand, then it's time for the universe to implode with awesome.

The reason I was asleep this afternoon was that I decided on a whim to reread Order of the Phoenix, as I read the last three Harry Potter books only once each, the day they came out, and couldn't remember a damn thing that happened in any of them. Well, actually, I could remember several damn things, but it was more along the lines of Collapse )

'Happy Feet' dances to top of box office. It's a close call, and Bond may slip past tomorrow. But that, my friends, is the power of a Harry Potter trailer.

Armani dresses Katie Holmes for wedding; Fans lament access to Cruise wedding.

Speaking of celebrity gossip, I mentioned the Kate Hudson-Chris Robinson divorce to Sister Girl last night, and she contributed the extremely juicy piece of gossip that she heard that Robinson is divorcing Hudson because she, after years of watching him sleep with groupies practically in front of her, had an affair with Owen Wilson and is currently pregnant with his baby. Outstanding!

Admissions boards face 'grade inflation' (this is news?).

Newsman Mudd donates book collection: "Retired journalist Roger Mudd has donated his 1,500 volume collection of 20th-century Southern writers to Washington and Lee University, the school said."

Gay penguin book shakes up Ill. school.

Cat gives birth to puppies. Was I saying something about the universe imploding?

Secret Santa reveals his identity.

telesilla: "Also, because 'deep fried flag' is just not something you see everyday I did a little digging and found a picture of part of the exhibit."

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