November 21st, 2006

msauvage purple

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Order of the Phoenix now up in high definition. Keep an eye on cap_it if you want screencaps (note: any entry dated before 11/21 will probably have an "enlarged" version of the small download, rather than caps from the actual hi-def version. Hold out for fresh caps. For the icon, I just grabbed one for myself).

Also, after some discussion on the previous entry, I think we've decided that the flying scenes are from when the Order takes Harry to Grimmauld Place, which is so simple in retrospect that I can't believe I didn't think of that. Also, the flier right behind Harry has purple hair (i.e., Tonks) if you're looking closely.

Meanwhile, I put down Goblet of Fire long enough to 1) have dinner at the only place you will ever be able to order a glass of merlot and a junkyard dog and 2) see Casino Royale. More on that in the morning.

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