November 25th, 2006


I think I'm getting depressed again

Mom can't go to a movie, any movie, tomorrow because she's stuck making a frickin' Linzer torte for a coworker's birthday (his fellow officemates are giving him hell for choosing that, too). Maybe I can still talk her into it, but the cake involves harvesting roasting and shelling her own hazelnuts, so... I have my doubts.

(You know what I like about the Chris Cornell song [see previous entry]? You can listen to it as a song and not feel like an idiot. Sure, it seems to take a few listens for people to get into it--me included--but it's more of a particularly apt rock track than a cheesy theme song with a ridiculous chorus/title. I don't care if you get Tina Turner; nothing called "Goldeneye" is going to have a very long shelf life.)

Particularly depressing linkspam:

NYPD bullet kills groom on wedding day. "Police opened fire early Saturday on a car full of men driving away from a bachelor party at a strip club, killing the groom on his wedding day in a shooting that drew a furious outcry from family members but little immediate explanation from police." Yeah, I can't wait to hear their explanation for this. Right now, the LAPD is probably feeling pretty good that they only beat the shit out of people.

Prominent Chinese AIDS activist missing. I'm starting to miss the days when I wasn't old enough to read the news like the other adults.

Rumsfeld okayed abuses says former U.S. general.

Waxman has Bush administration in sights.

Staph infections rise among athletes. I mention this only because my sister mentioned just this morning that one of our high school's football coaches has been sidelined with one himself. If you or someone you know plays a team sport, keep an eye out.

Web catalog offers prison-made products.

'Tweens' becoming the new teens. I am so old.

The trailer for Bridge to Terabithia.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, and also a list of books he's currently reading (including Battlestar Ecclesiastica): "As messire John of Gaunt loueth women, so ich loue bokes: without limit or discriminacioun, ich loue hem oolde and newe, short and longe, frensshe or latin or on englysshe tonge, of heigh sentence or of lowe japerye, from the smalest leef of parchemin to the gretest volume clad in blak or reed wyth commentarye and big honkinge metal claspes for fasteninge it shut." "For the munchies sore possess me" instantly entered my daily vocabulary after I read this, by the way.

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