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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

A couple of days' backlog
marie antoinette
Fiji's military overthrows government.

Villanova U. locked down after shooting.

3 members of missing family found alive; father who went for help found dead.

E. coli in N.J. is linked to Taco Bell; Taco Bells in question used same distributor.

Ex-spy's death to be treated as murder.

Suspect in PlayStation 3 robbery killed. "A young man accused of robbing a fellow college student of two new Playstation 3 video game consoles was shot and killed — possibly while holding a game controller, his roommate said — by officers sent to arrest him." Isn't this the second fatality involved with a PS3? I love how no one wants to die over anything called a "Wii."

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