December 8th, 2006

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Poetry Tulip has vanished

I just burst into tears for the stupidest reason ever. I'll just be over here getting a grip on reality, thanks.

(Okay, because you're going to ask: My parents are downstairs watching the Pirates 2 DVD without telling me. No, that's not the problem. The problem is that I was saving that for my birthday next week, which is probably why they didn't tell me. Except that I'm always treated to the soundtrack of whatever they're watching on TV [which usually involves a lot of gunshots and Jack Bauer DAMMIT!ing], so good luck hiding that. Are they watching my copy? I honestly don't know. The appropriate reaction would be more along the lines of an eyeroll and "Oh, my silly mother and her silly Captain Jack obsession," not a sobfest. I think I'm just stressed out from my sister's constant shenanigans, of which there were more this evening.)

On the upside, jstilwe from Snarkfest sent me a bottle of Siren (mmm, Siren) and an imp of Clio (hee), and tenebris sent me a bottle of Glitter and Dracula samples! And I still managed to burst into tears after this embarrassment of riches, which should tell you how hormonal I must be right now.

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