December 14th, 2006


Thursday's child has far to go

The funny thing is, I really was born on a Thursday.

So I had my cry out yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, a particularly angry cry for some reason, and then pulled my shit together. I curled up and reread The Golden Compass, which I remembered so little of that it was like a completely new book, and felt better afterwards. (For those of you wondering about the flurry of related posts here lately, a quick synopsis, with only minor first-quarter-of-the-book spoilers to set the scene.)

Something interesting that turned up in the comments of the previous entry: several people mentioned wanting to know where they could buy the Fifteen Minutes book I wrote (no, really, they did!). I was kind of surprised given how thoroughly I felt I'd plastered that information both here and m15m, but to be fair, that was a year ago, and there are people reading now who weren't reading then. So: if you live in Europe or the UK, you ought to be able to find the book in shops, or get a shop to order it for you. (ETA: You can also get it in Australia and, IIRC, a few Asian countries as well.) If you're in North America, the only way to get it is from Amazon UK (which you can also use in Europe or the UK). Unlike Amazon US, which is being a bastard about shipping times in order to get people to stop using the Super Saver Shipping and switch over to the $79-a-year plan, Amazon UK has great, fast shipping. The book ends up being something like $11-12 (US), and then about $22 after shipping. And it's a 400-page hardback, ten movies not posted online, etc.--you're getting your money's worth rather than a flimsy half-assed paperback, is what I'm saying. And, like I was fond of saying last year, it's an excellent Christmas present for people who are hard to shop for, as long as they're okay with a LOTR/15M pull quote on the back cover containing the word "shit" (I still can't believe they did that).

Meanwhile, I remembered an old joke I've always liked: Collapse )

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Horoscope of Eerie Aptness: "You will be feeling especially loved by your friends today, because everyone in your life is in a very demonstrative phase. From sweet emails and thoughtful notes to gushing speeches, the folks around you are really interested in letting you know how they feel about you. It may get a little overwhelming, but all of it is genuine. Even if you are surprised by some of the folks in your fan club, you should not be suspicious of what they say."


Gibson film nominated for Golden Globe (or as the title now reads, "'Babel' leads Golden Globes with 7 nods"). What? Huh? The nominations are coming out today? Wha? Meanwhile, the nominations aren't even up at the HFPA site yet--the best I've managed to get is an incomplete listing at Oscarwatch. ETA: Wait, they've updated with the full list from Variety:

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ETA: Full, official film and TV nominations.

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