December 20th, 2006

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Firstly, happy birthday to the Lovely Emily!

Secondly: I just fell up the stairs with a bowl of cereal in one hand and a glass of tea in the other. The good news is that I took it hard in the shin to avoid spilling anything. The bad news is, my shin hurts like a motherfuck now.

notjo on JF has a Star Wars icon with Ewan McGregor asking, "Isn't anyone else going to act?" Someone requested an Eragon version. Good Cleo always helps.

(Note: You have to have an actual JournalFen account to log in over there. The code was taken from LJ [open source], but the two systems are unconnected. Anything you want to say about the icons would probably be more easily said over here.)

kosher_jenny explains the Libya headline from the other day:
That Libya case is just depressing. I imagine a lot of people aren't going to go beyond the initial shock of "deliberately infecting hundreds of children with HIV" but with further reading shows that what Libya has created here is basically a hostage situation: "Dear Bulgaria, give us $2.7bn* or we'll kill these doctors. Love, us". These doctors have been turned into scapegoats for the real problem, the poor hygiene in Libyan hospitals that most likely caused the infections in the first place, and several international experts on the virus have stated so. Luc Montagnier (co-discovered HIV) being one of them. Of course if these doctors do get executed not only will it do nothing to solve the problem, but make matters even worse as fewer foreign medical workers will want to visit, and people will continue to get infected and die.

Nature has a section collecting their news articles and editorials related to the case, including a study released this December showing that the HIV strains that infected the children were already present in the hospital prior to the foreign medical staff's arrival. It's all full access right now, so you don't need to pay to read them. The BBC also have a Q&A section that summarizes the situation and has links to their previous coverage at the bottom.

*Which, by the way, is the same amount of money that Libya paid in compensation to the families of the victims of the PAM 103 bombing. Odd, that.

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