December 21st, 2006

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So... today has not been a good day. The blowup I've been dreading expecting finally came, and it was bad. And that's all I can say about that.

3 Marines charged in Iraqi killings.

N.J. governor signs gay civil unions law.

Documentary: French soldiers had bin Laden in the crosshairs.

Colorado blizzard strands thousands.

Virgin birth expected for Komodo dragon in UK zoo; Wise Men seen on the Tube.

'Hibernating' man survives for 3 weeks.

Study: shrooms relieve OCD symptoms.

'Seinfeld' spurs Festivus pole sales.

Jessica Simpson asks out of Parton tribute, having blown her Kennedy Center performance of "Nine to Five" the first time, then made everyone stay after the show to record another one that wasn't good enough either.

Struggling New Line looks ahead to December 2007. You and me both, babe. At this point, it's like, "So, you wanna see the movie about the man coming to grips with his wife's cancer, or the one where mankind can't reproduce anymore? Or the one about the whole football team that died? The one where innocent Africans die over conflict diamonds? Hey, I hear the one about the guy who kills girls to make perfume is gonna be pretty good." BE LESS DEPRESSING.

(The studio, which had a dismal year at the box office, recently sent out a handsomely produced promotional brochure heralding its big-budget fantasy movie "The Golden Compass," an adaptation of the first installment of Philip Pullman's best-selling "His Dark Materials" trilogy. Chris Weitz is directing the December 7 release.)

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