December 26th, 2006


The day after

So Children of Men is geting fantastic reviews... but it's not playing here yet. FNARR. So instead, we're getting together chez Em and watching one of the DVDs I got for birthday/Christmas. Hint: There may likely be rum.

Also, I had to run Jo's Christmas dress through the dryer a few times to get rid of the long-term storage mustiness, but it's on Meg now and has a fantastic hoopskirt (thanks to a ginormous tulle crinoline underneath) that I am deeply impressed with. Also, I noticed that my Meg, unlike any other pictures of the doll, has red hair. And that red hair is in a Meg style (she's actually the second doll from left, and did come in that picnic dress), so she's not a Jo in disguise. And redhead Meg is fabulous, but I can't figure out how she came to be. Did I snag some über-rare factory mistake?

(Beth and Amy, if you're curious.)

So, what did you get for Winter Holiday of Your Choice?

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