January 2nd, 2007


While the Drano is doing its thing

So it's been a Cinderella kind of day, but I figure that's what January is for--if you can't get motivated to get your shit together at New Year's, I don't know when else you could. So it's been a lot of mopping and laundering and bagging of trash and unclogging of sinks around here. I mean, yes, I was completely useless on New Year's Day itself, doing nothing but reading and watching TV, but those New Year's superstitions at Snopes had me afraid to do anything that might be symbolic--nothing's supposed to leave the house, I can imagine how pouring something down the drain might be symbolic, and so on. Of course, you could also substitute "had me afraid" with "encouraged me to be a lazy cuss" and you wouldn't be far wrong.

(One more thought on the Twilight Zone marathon: You know, a commercial about how "you can reshape your entire body with one! light! portable! system!" might not be the best thing to run right after "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You." Either that, or someone in programming has a fantastic sense of humor.)

Meanwhile, I was fairly relieved to change out my calendar on New Year's Eve (another superstition of mine: never go into the new year with an old calendar). In my own naive way, I'm convinced that 2007 has to be a good year, because it couldn't be any worse than 2006. Again, I say naive because of course it could be worse, because I'm here and I have all my limbs and mental faculties and a nice place to live and I'm not begging on the street. I guess I'm thinking in terms of my own depression--I couldn't possibly screw up my life, mostly by inaction, than I did last year. It's got to be uphill from here. The Wheel of Fortune is my personal card, and I have to believe that I'm cycling upwards again.

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