January 11th, 2007

msauvage purple


So people wanted more icons from the new POTC3 posters, and I didn't want to start cleaning, so icons it is. Just very simple cropping, playing around with black space, no big deal. Ransack the folder, there's about 30 there; take what you want, no problems.

And don't you dare fuss at me for spoiling the presence of Jack Sparrow in the movie. They're going out to the ass-end of nowhere to fish his ass out of purgatory or the kraken or whatever, that is the stated premise as of the last five minutes of the second movie. They're not going to just not find him. "Yeah, uh, Mr. Depp, could you come down here and hang out in the Caribbean for a couple of months? No, you're not going to be in the movie; we just wanted to throw people off." (This isn't directed at anyone commenting on the previous entry at all, by the way. I've just had people jump down my throat before about revealing "spoilers" in icons.)

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