January 15th, 2007

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Golden Globes tonight, also known as the Drinky Oscars. Meryl Streep is hilarious when she's sloshed, I might add, so tune in for that--NBC at 7:00 pm (CST), I think. I usually blog the Globes--I actually had a bad dream about missing the Globes, if that tells you anything--but as always, I have a very bad seating arrangement (TV to my right and slightly behind me; a lot of craning involved), so I can't vouch for the quality of that blogging. Actually, I have little to no interest in the TV awards, so that ought to afford me a little catch-up time to write. Of course, the Globes are a frickin' picnic compared to the Oscars, which are generally four hours of furious neck-crane typing, after which I am completely useless for about 36 hours.

Speaking of which: Globes Do Away with Goody Bags. "This latest move comes in light of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' announcement in August that it, too, had settled up with the IRS for past swag until 2005 and would no longer be doling out the usual 'freebies' to Oscar presenters. It was reported last year that the IRS was looking at a $1.2 million haul from the Academy Awards alone."

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