January 16th, 2007

msauvage purple

Cat scratch fever

Friday: Dandelions on the lawn. Tuesday: Siberian tundra. It was actually 46 degrees this morning, and now it's 34. It's actually gotten colder as the day progressed, rather than warming up with the sun. Damn.

("Feels Like: 25°." WHAT THE HELL.)

Also, and I am asking y'all's advice on this, Bad Cat bit me early Monday morning. S/he got a good mouthful of the side of the hand, so now I have two deep punctures--one kind of where my thumb joins my wrist, and one on the back of my hand at the wrist. The thumbish one hurts, and it's a teensy bit red, but it's okay. The back of my hand has a giant inflamed patch around the puncture. Like, larger than a fifty-cent piece. And it hurts. Is it just because the cat-mouth-bacteria is spreading out over the back of my hand, or do I need to see a doctor about this? It's my right hand, and I kind of don't want to lose it.

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