February 4th, 2007


Another hypomanic episode...

Dammit! My Fiction Press account got eaten! Probably because I never used it! Oh well. I was kind of antsy about having unpublished stuff online anyway. The only thing I wasn't sure I'd backed up was "The Two Tickets," and my Google-fu unearthed a backup here on my journal.

Anyway. I'm doing sort of a dual project at the moment--setting up the Cleoland wiki and going back and tagging all the LJ entries I was either too lazy to tag or that I wrote before the tagging system was in place. Given that there are at this moment 1700+ entries, this is kind of a daunting task, but I think it'll be fun. And yes, it's something I have to do myself (because, technically, I could allow other people to tag my own entries), because if nothing else I need to go through and skim the entries for things to put in the wiki--and also to make sure there's nothing public that should, on second thought, be made private. Actually, I was able to unlock an entry about family drama that probably needed to be locked at the time, but was written so vaguely that it's almost meaningless three years later, and can be enjoyed just for the lines
I want to put a sign on my door that has the Swiss flag on it and, in 18 languages,

Vendez-vous la folie ailleurs; nous avons suffisament ici-là.

Vende ústed la locura en otro sitio; aquí ya tenemos demasiado.

The wiki, meanwhile, is going well. I just like setting up wikis, really. But I'm also starting to look at it as kind of a three-dimensional memoir; I can write about specific things at length and connect them to other ideas in a way that you just couldn't in a linear book. Which is simply to say, the wiki doesn't exist because I feel that I'm so important that there are things you're just burning to know. It's there because, as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted a place where I could link to an explanation of "Bad Cat" or "Potterdämmerung" or even various abbreviations that people wonder about ("IIRC," for example), and then secondly, a place where I can write about things for my own benefit.

(I've also gone through and written up annotations for some of the m15ms. That was fun.)

Meanwhile, I'm also finding old things I'd written and... well, mostly it's humbling, because a lot of my entries aren't very good. A lot of them have a manic, trying-too-hard quality (which isn't limited to the distant past, either), but c'est la vie. On the other hand, I'm finding things like The Most Awesome Thing That Ever Happened on Passions, which makes it all worthwhile.

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