February 7th, 2007


More crazy than usual

Is today Lostnesday again? (I promise no recaps. Mostly because if I promise them, I don’t deliver, and if I don’t promise them, I do.) Speaking of which, there’s a Lost page up at the wiki now. It’s not finished, but it does have a complete list of recap links up.

Meanwhile, no one’s found anything else to clutch their diamonds and pearls over since yesterday, but since it is Prince Week, I bring you a download of one of my favorite Prince songs: Thieves in the Temple. Here’s the thing about Prince songs: 98% of the videos are crap. There are a ton of '80s Prince songs that I just didn’t get at all until I finally heard them on CD or the radio when I was much older. “When Doves Cry”? Did not get the big deal at all, because the video was so unendingly lame. And now it’s one of my favorites. So what I’m saying is, if you remember the utterly lamesauce video for “Thieves in the Temple,” wipe that from your mind. Also, true fact: I listened to this a lot while I was writing “Titanic in Fifteen Minutes.” I don’t know why, but it got me through it.

Also, the visitors map from yesterday: so far I've gotten hits from France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Norway, Malaysia, Latvia, somewhere in Africa (I didn't get to see the text description), Greece, Singapore, Colombia and the Netherlands. So far the only continental holdout is Antarctica, but the penguins are probably too busy dancing to get online.

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