February 12th, 2007

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The Fourth Annual Valentine Fairy Deputization

Since 2004, I've done the Valentine Fairy thing--or in the case of the last couple of years, deputized y'all to do it for me. I figure this year I'll explain it a couple of days early so that you have time to get organized. It's pretty simple, actually--it started with a post kungfumegadevil made:

If you're feeling down about Valentine's Day, I encourage you to do the same. Send valentines. Any kind; in comments and posts, in e-mail, in letters, by phone, over coffee. Forget those stupid relationships for a few hours and just give someone you love a little attention.

So I hereby declare everyone reading this to be Valentined, and to be Deputy Valentine Fairies, empowered to take these icons (or any of their own creation) and go Valentine others. I tend to say, "I am the Valentine Fairy! You have been valentined!" and then post the graphic in the comment itself, but you can say anything you want. It's just a way to tag people and say, "I'm thinking about you," and refocus the holiday to anyone we like or care about, instead of just schmoopy-pie couples.

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