March 13th, 2007

msauvage purple

Tuesday evening, eyes puffy from--allergies?

Today was eventful, in a domestic kind of way. Number one, I actually got some work done, although it was preliminary kind of stuff--printing out old notes and half-drafts, rereading and annotating, setting up a new binder for [project I'm being intentionally vague about for fear of jinxing it], etc. Meanwhile, the puppies learned to climb up the front steps by themselves and how to body-slam each other; at one point Shelby actually flipped Scout over like a turtle. And then, after George came home, Scout jumped Sam, and just when Sam had fended that attack off, Shelby pounced from behind. The puppies have learned how to tag-team, y'all.

And yes, I do have pictures, but only on my camera phone, and I can't get the phone to send them to my email. Woe, because I have pictures of all five (!) pets now.

Since we were discussing it the other day: The difference between the "hard R" and "soft R." Or my understanding of the difference, anyway.

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