March 19th, 2007

msauvage purple

Monday evening, a little frizzy

You know, it seems like lately I've found new ways to be tired every day. Today was my lovely three-hour Perm of Shame (see previous entry), which turned out wonderfully, although my hair is now up to my shoulders. But it'll grow out soon enough, and the brittle ends are gone gone gone, precious!

And then I came home and found the place a wreck. I had expected the puppies to have made a mess, but what I wasn't expecting was a dismembered pineapple and various smears of mango all over the kitchen. Sister Girl bought herself a juicer a week or two ago, and apparently she decided that this would be a wonderful day to play with it... and then vanish upstairs without so much as the wiping of a single counter. Yay.

This morning, though, I spent watching the Casino Royale DVD, ostensibly for the new book. I am, in fact, going to marry the opening credit sequence. We're going to run away to Vegas; the sequence has far too many relatives to make a big wedding anything but cost prohibitive.

Meanwhile, I think the way that this is supposed to work is that, once the new POTC3 trailer has been released (for real) (in English), you can come here and it'll start playing. You may have to refresh, I don't know. It'll also be airing during Dancing with the Stars on ABC (which starts at 7 pm, although I can almost guarantee you that they'll save the trailer for the end of the show, because I'm pretty sure umpteen million people aren't going to tune in just to see Heather Mills and her prosthetic leg), and trailer_spot will have the best quality download link up as soon as possible, I imagine. Collapse )

Collapse )

Off to eat dinner--spaghetti, I think.

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