March 22nd, 2007

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From annlarimer: The Casino Royale title sequence with the original Herb Alpert song dubbed over. Meanwhile, Manhattan's Film Forum To Host Bond Marathon. I wish I could go see this, because I shocked the living hell out of my mother* last night by admitting that I have never actually seen a pre-Craig Bond movie in my entire life. WAIT! WAIT! LET ME EXPLAIN! My mother loves the Bond movies, and when I was growing up, she always had some movie or other on TV. (A large portion of my childhood was spent eating dinner in front of Raiders of the Lost Ark and/or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, or The Empire Strikes Back, or even Aliens, a particular favorite of hers.) Many of these movies were Bond movies--I think TBS ran them a lot. So I would be eight years old or so, walking through the house, stop and watch a couple of minutes, decide that it was a Silly Grownup Movie (I could always tell when a movie was a Silly Grownup Movie because it usually involved girls in bikinis), and move on. I mean, when I saw Austin Powers in high school or college or thereabouts, I got all the jokes; Bond has so permeated the culture that I felt like I'd seen the movies even if I hadn't. But I was watching the Bond Girls documentary on the Casino Royale DVD (I think it aired on some cable channel originally) and saw all the clips from the various movies (hilariously, they went to great lengths to avoid mentioning Denise Richards, Thermonuclear Hotpantsologist), and I realized that the time has come to watch these movies** with a rare combination of fresh eyes and adult sensibility. Actually, it was the "I think he's attempting re-entry, sir" clip that convinced me, so... I'm basically in it for the cheese at this point.

* Seriously, she did this quadruple-take, no kidding, like I'd just said, "I've decided to devote my life to the Great God Cthulhu in the wilds of Japanistan, and also, I'm pregnant."

** I gave her the entire series on DVD for Christmas a couple of years back, so there's nothing stopping me, really. She suggested I start with
the very first one

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