April 23rd, 2007


Monday evening, ravenous

A few quick things:

There was a cave-in in the Comedy Mines today, so I'm still working on my Pixel-Stained Technopeasant piece. This is after I couldn't sleep all last night and couldn't get to a computer all day long, handwriting what I could instead. I'm just trying to get it up before midnight at this point. It's been that kind of day.

particle_person: "Cleo, some large candy makers have petitioned the FDA to change the definition of chocolate not to include cocoa butter. There's only three days left in the public comment period -- it ends April 25 -- so if you like your chocolate not to taste weird, drop the FDA a public comment before then." Which I did, and though I used the form letter, I also prefaced it by saying that I would stop buying American chocolate if they went through with this. If you leave a comment, I suggest you specifically say something to that effect, in a very clear, concise way--in essence, you will lose my consumer dollars if you do this, because that's the only reason they're taking out cocoa butter in the first place: vegetable fats are cheaper.

FINALLY, a decent shot of Bellatrix.

Also, since Attack of the Clones is in the book, not online, and I need to link to a specific excerpt, I'm putting it here: Collapse )

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