May 23rd, 2007

yahoo pirate

Early Wednesday evening, still coughing.

Must... get better... for pirates. Must... get better.

(I am keeping myself religiously unspoiled for the movie, aside from a couple of minor things I accidentally stumbled across, so there will be no reviews or clips posted here until after Friday. IF YOU SPOIL ME, I CUT YOU. I'm weird that way--I'm a complete spoiler whore unless I actually want to see the movie.)

You know the Georgia wildfires are bad when you can smell them from Alabama. I actually kept the dogs inside this morning until the worst of it had passed.

Direct downloads of the Golden Compass trailer! And in case you missed them, Stelmaria and Pan.

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As far as the storyline goes, however, Watchmen has nothing to worry about. And I mean that in the nicest, most literal way possible. (Side note: Keanu Reeves and Jude Law Offered 'Watchmen' Roles, Source Says. Keanu as Dr. Manhattan is so wonderfully cracked-out that I have to go with it.)

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And now, pancakes for dinner before Lost.

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