June 1st, 2007



Help! Firefox downloaded updates yesterday, and I said don't restart now, do whatever the next time I open Firefox. Then this morning, I couldn't get on the internet, and finally this afternoon I realized: that was the next time I'd opened Firefox. Internet Explorer totally works, and now it's the only way I can get on; Firefox claims to be unable to connect. AUGH SEND HELP I NEED BETTER TABBED BROWSING AND SPYWARE PROTECTION THAN THIS, IT'S SO SLOOOOOOOW.

ETA: It was Norton all along. I had to completely reinstall to get the "Configure internet access" thing to come up. Fuckin' Norton. (I love you guys. Just for this, I post pictures of puppies.)

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Just for you guys and not at all my need to show off my dogs: pictures of the puppies. Photographer: The Lovely Emily. Location: Our front hall and front yard. I mention it in the descriptions, but I'll say it again: we think that Scout has some labrador because he loves to splash around in his water bowl and the top two steps of the pool, in addition to the shape of his face. Valkyrie suggested that Shelby might have some Australian shepherd due to the coloring of her legs, and other people we've talked to agree that it's probably an Australian something--possibly a hunter, as she's started going into full-on points without ever having seen another dog do it before. This blows my mind, by the way. They're both from the same litter, and the mother was a yellow/blonde terrier; we have no idea what the father (fathers? Apparently this is rare but possible?) is. Bonus: finally, some decent pictures of Sam in all his pre-shave woollitude.

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