June 6th, 2007

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Wednesday evening, woozy

So I'm sick again. I think it's a relapse; I started coughing up phlegm again, and I was working at the table in the den when all of a sudden, about 9:30 am, I felt like I was pretty much going to fall down if I didn't lie down. The next thing I knew, it was nearly noon and Sister Girl was fumbling with the still-locked front door. Today was pretty much spent entirely in a coma. Wheeeeee.

(I'm also looking forward so much to my psych appointment next week. I had my last appointment on March 1st, and on Saturday, March 3rd, my mother got that wild hair on to get those puppies she'd seen at the vet. "So, did you make any headway on the things we talked about, like finishing some of your ongoing projects?" "No, we got puppies instead. But they're really, really cute.")

Anyway. I started thinking more about horror. I really like horror, actually, but I'm much more into psychological horror. Stephen King's short story "1408," for example (coming soon to a theater near you): Collapse )

So... that's my soapbox for the evening. Linkspam:Collapse )

And now, I go to wash my hair before dinner, because tomorrow the carpet cleaners will be here bright and early to dedogstinkify the house.

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