June 13th, 2007

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Wednesday night, internet actually working

Okay, a couple of quick things:

The other day, my writerly musings included the statement

The heroes start from the outskirts and work in, which is not how I should be doing it--I should know where they're going, even if nobody else on God's green earth does. Because that's my job as the creator.
After some discussion with edda, I kind of feel like I stated my case a bit too strongly there. It might be more accurate to say "which is not how I feel comfortable doing it." I actually reread Stephen King's On Writing today, and he talks a good bit about the element of surprising oneself in writing--and also the idea that you really might not necessarily know the answers to some things (both he and y'all bring up the example of Raymond Chandler completely forgetting to bother solving the crime that The Big Sleep is ostensibly about. Like, to the point where even he never bothered to figure out who the murderer was. And I still love how the whole point of Rebecca is that the new Mrs. DeWinter doesn't even get a first name--nor did Du Maurier bother to think of one. There are actually things I've decided I "won't know," or don't care to figure out, because I like the ambiguity better. I guess what I was trying to say is that if you're having trouble untangling your plots, if what you have isn't working for you, it might really help to sort out some fundamental elements. I don't know... it's one of those things that strikes me in retrospect as being very right for me but very wrong to state as a universal. So, you know, use it if it helps you, and if you enjoy surprising yourself to the very end, rock on.

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Also, I was going to ask for help with a plot point, but I did a little looking around and realized that the existence of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway--which I have actually been on, now that I think about it, and have actually seen what I want to describe--means that I can very likely get away with a very steampunky development that I've been anxious about since the earliest days of writing the story.

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