June 14th, 2007

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Thursday afternoon, wondering what the pups are up to

Huh. It's my half-birthday. Only eighteen months to go before I'm thirty and a complete failure (she said with a wink)! And congratulations to molliewollie and Hamburger Touchdown, whose day of birth literally is today!

Hey! I already have a Facebook! I had no idea! I really am senile!

And thus, I have used up my entire year's quota of exclamation points.

Also, tonight's Sister Girl's graduation buffet. This sounds kind of tedious until you remember that Sister Girl is graduating from cooking school. Basically, all the students have their friends and family come and stand around and eat their handiwork. Also, probably the only place you will find "minty rumballs." "I mean, the downside is that they'll have a lot of things I don't want to eat," she said--she's a pastry chef, keep in mind, and neither of us are all that het up about duck or veal, for example. "On the other, there's a whole room full of desserts." "On the other-other hand," I said, "minty rumbaaaaaaaaalls."

To that end, you get your linkspam early today. Collapse )

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