July 7th, 2007



It's a long post down there, so let's summarize the points, shall we?

1. A picture of the Cloverfield monster?! (Long story short: probably not)
2. Two posts on IMDB from a guy claiming to be part of an invasion and subsequent memory-erasing that already happened
3. Someone points out that the one official site we know to be true indicates that the attack has not already happened
4. Get a phone message from the Ethan Haas guy ("Van Mantra"), who is probably for real because Paramount keeps taking down videos related to him as well
5. An Unfiction.com poster has a video analysis of the whole Cloverfield thing on YouTube
6. Unfiction.com: good people who can smoke out imposters
7. A new email from Van Mantra that I don't know what to do with
8. A "connection" between Ethan Haas and Cloverfield

So, without further ado: Collapse )

I do think it's kind of brilliant that they've dropped all this info, if it all really is related, right now--we don't get extended periods of time off work here in the United States, so a Wednesday holiday probably inspired a lot of people to take Thursday and Friday off as well. So a lot of people, I imagine, are sitting here with a five-day weekend on their hands, in addition to kids and students being off for the summer, and if there was ever a time to drop a complicated ARG on folks, now would be the time.

ETA: Giant e-cookies to chocotaku for finding a fresh copy of the trailer bootleg. Let me know if it goes away, and we'll repost it somewhere.

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