July 8th, 2007

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Smashup 2007

Well, shit. My sister just got into a car wreck--someone hit her from behind on the interstate, and she's telling me (she's still out there, on the phone with me) that it's "really, really bad." She says that she herself is okay, "kind of sore," but that "the back of the car... is not the back of car anymore."

Here's the bad part: we can't get hold of our mother because she finally found a showing of POTC3 at a decent time of day and is taking what's probably her last chance to finally see the movie. And as much as I'd hate to drag her out of that, I'd do it. No, the problem is that I think she's turned her phone off, and we can't get her at all.

ETA: Okay, I called the theater and convinced the manager to go fish our parents out--"I am so sorry to ask you to do this--but they're in Pirates, there's probably not many people in there anyway"--and I've talked to Mom, and she's calling Sister Girl now. Apparently the front driver's seat broke off and fell into the back seat? Someone at the scene has suggested that Sister Girl could sue Toyota, let's put it that way. What happened was, a dog ran in front of a car, and the car swerved to miss it. My sister stopped and managed not to hit that car. The car behind her couldn't, and hit her. And apparently the damage to her car is pretty bad. She says she's not going to let the ambulance take her (which sounds grimly defiant out of context), but she did hit her head--she wanted to talk to Mom, the insurance-benefits guru, before she decided what else to do. That is to say, she'll get checked out, but she wanted momly advice before she got sucked into ER Purgatory.

ETA 2: Okay, Sister Girl's best friend is going to take her to the UAB ER and my parents will meet them there. Apparently there's some issue of bystanders helping my sister gather her things, which... doesn't bode well for the state of her car. Sister Girl has told Mom that it's totaled.

ETA 3: My mother's just spoken to Sister Girl's best friend, who says, and I quote, "The car doesn't have a trunk now."

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Sunday night, slurping a Frosty

My poor mother--she didn't even get home until 8 pm, and I think she and Sister Girl spent 5-6 hours faffing around in the ER. Sister Girl has some contusions (bruises?) and strained muscles; she's gotten prescriptions for a painkiller and a muscle relaxer. I haven't seen the car (or pictures of it) yet, but between talking to my mother and my sister, this is my understanding: Collapse )

ETA: I have more details now. The guy hit her at a slight angle, so she spun out into a ditch in the median nose-first, and yet her airbags didn't deploy. She's really going to enjoy that condo Toyota's going to have to buy her. She was driving a Camry, by the way. I've seen the pictures now, and that thing is mangled.

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