July 9th, 2007

msauvage purple

Monday evening, slightly headachy

So I had an eventful day. But just to get it out of the way: OFFICIAL CLOVERFIELD TRAILER OMG. Interestingly, it's listed on Apple Trailers as 1-18-08.

(So what is this? Smoke? A monster? A cosmic lobster come to eat us all with giant wedges of lemon and butter? More discussion over at 011808.)

Re: Smashup 2007: After discussing it with y'all in the previous couple of entries, I took what y'all said back to my mother, the potential Filer of Lawsuits. We're not going to sue, and here's why, per y'all's contributions: Collapse )

Meanwhile, my mother had been wanting to see POTC3 since it came out--her obsession with Jack Sparrow tends to teeter between "adorable" and "needs an intervention"--but wasn't able to get out and see it. Collapse )

P.S. Happy birthday to Valkyrie!

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