July 10th, 2007

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The tastiest drink, unlike anything on earth!

From J.J. Abrams: "For what it's worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the 1-18-08.com site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us." AUGH STAB. The what the hell are the Ethan Haas sites about? I don't know about Ethan Haas Was Wrong, but Ethan Haas Was Right obviously has a good deal of manpower (and money?) behind it.

So where do we go now? Collapse )

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More Cloverfield, although you're probably sick of it by now

Actual new information!

Via spectralbovine: Here's what the stupid Ethan Haas sites were actually about. Spread the word, boycott at will, have a party.

Meanwhile, I've been able to find out who some of the actors in the trailer are: Collapse )

ETA: Via mokeyhokey: "One of the members of the SA Forums has a cousin working on the promotional team for the film. He obviously can't say much, but he did say that people should keep their eyes open at Comic-Con: 'Let me give you a hint: the people behind the marketing for this movie assume that if you see something lying unattended at comic-con, you will assume it's okay to steal.' "

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Tuesday night, debating whether to put on mascara

I know I haven't been so great with the linkspam entries lately, between the Real Life entries and the Cloverfield entries, so I'm going to try to put a little something up now. I'm leaving for midnight Harry Potter at about 11 pm, so I won't be here for a while (significant, because most of my internet usage is at night these days). Exciting! Collapse )

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