July 18th, 2007

msauvage purple

Wednesday evening, rumors of cake abounding

So the Oven People came and restored our Powers of Baking, and I'm rereading Order of the Phoenix (will I reread the entire series in backwards order by Friday? Only time and really strange whims can tell). Also, I have a new Bellatrix icon, and I think the reason I love Movie!Bella so much is because she is just complete, childish, spiteful id. She's every nasty thing you've ever wanted to do and enjoy while you were at it. I mean, I totally want her to get her ass kicked in the seventh book/movie, but, you know... for an icon, she's fun, in a Halloween at Hot Topic kind of way.

Meanwhile, I have been getting dangerously close to rogue spoilers, and I don't like it. TWOOOO DAYYYYYS.

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