July 26th, 2007

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Thursday night, done with my DH reread

Soooo, let's see. First the cat escaped and we cursed at each other and beat the bushes for an hour and a half; that was a couple of nights ago. (I've noticed that the cat has been unusually civil ever since, as if he/she/it is sort of embarrassed about what happened; instead of opening doors just for the fun of watching the dogs escape, s/he's been sitting very patiently in front of the door, possibly maoing, until a human arrives and rectifies the situation.) Then today, the Enemy Insurance Agent called my sister about her wreck--Collapse )

So... that's my week so far. On the upside, I do have free passes to a preview of Stardust next week.

LJ is finally back up and talking about what happened: "Let the angst and false entitlement begin!" Also: What really happened to the LJ server? Take it with a grain of salt, folks.

I did make those icons, by the way. Collapse )

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