August 6th, 2007


Ah, the joys of hitting post too soon

So, I mentioned a while back that I reread The Golden Compass, so today I decided to pick up The Subtle Knife again--I just remember neither of the other two books being as great as the first one, and maybe that's because the narrative is less focused (instead of centering on Lyra, it now follows several different characters) and there's less of Lyra's own world, which is pure undiluted awesome. I was hoping that The Part That Makes Me Really Mad wasn't until The Amber Spyglass, but no--it's the chapter I stopped at this afternoon when I went upstairs to check my email: "Alamo Gulch." NICE ALLUSION THERE, PULLMAN.

Meanwhile, mostly been writing (and reading, obviously), although I do seem to have kind of a weird earache now. Fascinating.

LiveJournal creator leaves as Six Apart fails to spin. "Word is that Brad Fitzpatrick, the founder of LiveJournal and chief architect of Six Apart, is leaving the troubled blog-software company. And the fact that you're hearing about from a gossip blog rather than the transparency-loving company is itself a sign of how deep the problems run." Uh-oh. Furthermore: "The only reason that Six Apart management hasn't announced it, the source adds, is that they can't figure out how to spin it. Here, let me help, guys! It's bad. And Fitzpatrick's departure is just the tip of Six Apart's reality-denying iceberg."

From stormyskies: "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting this link in your next round of linkspam? My aunt was diagnosed with leukemia about six months ago. She really depended on the Leukemia and Lymphona Society for information and so she wants to raise money for them as a way to thank them for all of the information and support they've given her and our family. Each member of the family has a donation page, and that one's mine. We all have a personal goal of $100, which I would love to hit. If anyone could spare even a dollar to the cause, I would be forever grateful. Thanks in advance."

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