August 12th, 2007

galadriel decipher

Even the dogs are too hot to play

Not much news today; spent Friday and Saturday reading Watchmen, which I waited a week or so to do because I wanted to have plenty of time to really stretch out with it. The fact that it's a giant, expensive, five-pound hardback may have had something to do with this decision. Have also been trying to write, but the heat is stupidifying. Can't quite get past that playing-it-out-in-my-mind stage. Throat kind of hurts, which is weird. Today is also Sister Girl's Culinard graduation, but for some reason she's decided not to actually attend, which is something of a relief--we're still having a big dinner for her anyway (and she still graduates, obviously), but now we don't have to sit in an auditorium for three hours.

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