August 14th, 2007

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Tuesday night, doing pretty well with the writing

Because I am The Best Sister Ever contrary to what you may have heard, I have printed up a Things to See and Eat in Savannah packet for my sister, complete with detailed MapQuest directions, based on the suggestions y'all made. Along with suggestions for various tours, I'm recommending River Street Sweets (particulary since she just got an associate's degree in pastry), the Saltwater Grille, the Chart House, the Pirate House, the Pink House, Clary's Cafe, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Zunzi's, Angel's BBQ, Aveda, Moon River Brewery, and the Breakfast Club on Tybee (but not the Lady and Sons, per y'all's advice). And, of course, Bonaventure Cemetery and the Mercer-Williams House. She's leaving at three am (!), so if you have any other suggestions, get 'em in now.

Re: Strikethrough 2: Electric Etc., Etc.: LJ comes back with an updated policy: "They're now working on a two-strike system, and treating drawings and animation (read: fanart) differently to actual photographs and videos (read: child pornography). The two suspended users have been retroactively affected by this, and one has had her journal reinstated (I've heard that the other has refused)."

A Wikipedia followup from xander77: Wow, this makes me want to slap someone. Preferably the delete-happy Wikipedian in question. Trufax for the ages: "No, the problem with Wikipedia is a bizarre amalgamation of elitism and anti-elitism which will ultimately come down to 'whatever editor is more stubborn than all the others.' " (Favorite [sarcastic] comment: "It's about time we got rid of other non-notable junk comics like MegaTokyo and Penny Arcade. Nobody cares about them and their articles are taking up valuable room in the Wiki that could otherwise be used to expand our list of prominent Wookies in SW fan fiction.")

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