August 15th, 2007


Mmm, pralines

So Sister Girl called me this afternoon, just for a brief chat, from Savannah. She said they'd probably have dinner at the Pirate's House tonight, and that they spent part of the day on River Street, and did, in fact, swing by River Street Sweets. She said she liked it and that "there was some cool stuff there," although a lot of it did seem kind of tourist-oriented, but they'll definitely go back before they come home and buy some things to bring back. But then:

"Yeah, about the pralines... You know how Mom makes them, and sometimes they crystallize and they're kind of cloudy, instead of shiny? The River Street pralines are like that. They're good, but Mom's are better."

I. Well. Huh. I'm starting to understand why the tins of fudge she used to give to all our teachers at Christmas were legendary in the Jefferson County school system, though.

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