August 26th, 2007

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Sunday night, trying to gear back up into Black Ribbon

So I did watch all of Infamous last night, and I scribbled down the Harper Lee bit that I liked:
I read an interview with Frank Sinatra, in which he said about Judy Garland, 'Every time she sings, she dies a little. That's how much she gave.' It's true for writers, too, who hope to create something lasting. They die a little getting it right. And then the book comes out... there's a dinner, maybe there's a prize... and then comes the inevitable, very American question: What's next? But the next thing can be so hard... because now you know what it demands.
I identify with that last sentence a lot, let's just put it that way.

Meanwhile, I went to see Stardust again, this time with Brett the Vet, and somehow we got the time wrong and walked in "early"--just as the movie was starting. Which means that we missed all but the last five seconds of Beowulf, and every other trailer besides (sob). But yay Stardust! I did notice something fun this time around: Septimus has two rows of buttons on the front of his--waistcoat?--and each one has a little 7 on it. Heh. And there were actually other people in the theater, which surprised me.

Also: Six New Movies, None in the Top 3. ("Matthew Vaughn's fantasy epic Stardust, based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess, continued to hold up well..." YAY! Also: It's not a graphic novel! Graphic novels don't have entire pages of text! It's just a short novel with very pretty pictures!)

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