August 30th, 2007

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So I'm a little less blah today

Re: General fatigue-y state of meh: I think I've figured out what the problem is. I was weirdly giddy for a week or two, and what did I do differently? I spent a lot of time outside, in the sun, swimming. This week? Rain. I think it's large quantities sunlight that I'm missing, which is... kind of a bad thing with autumn on the way. (Don't they have--what are they called, full-spectrum lamps? Some kind of lamp that can simulate sunlight? I seriously may get one for this coming winter.) So I sat outside in the sun with the dogs for ten minutes, and while I wasn't exactly giddy, I did go inside feeling somewhat better--good enough to pull out all my handwritten additions to Black Ribbon from June and July (damn, that was a thick stack of paper, by the way) and reorient myself. I also went through this evening and read what I have on the second project, the one set in Paris, in terms of what seeds I'll need to go ahead and plant. This is the advantage of thinking on big-picture levels: details might bog you down, but at least you can play with a really large scope.

Of course, I've still got the issue of what's actually at stake in the first story, and how to give it an end and a climax and not just have it stop dead with the equivalent of a "To Be Continued." You know? Collapse )

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