August 31st, 2007

jadis - pimpin' ain't easy

Friday night, starving (breakfast for dinner!)

So I went and visited Della, the Goddess of Hair, and had mine done and now it is soft and silky and fluffy. Okay, maybe a little too fluffy, but that's nothing that washing it can't fix. (FYI if you're in Birmingham: They're dismantling much of the Riverchase Galleria Belk's and moving most of the merchandise to a [new? returned?] McRae's, while the cosmetics and fragrances will go to Parisian's. Except that, rather than "moving" it, they're slashing prices. I mean, seriously--I saw a clothing department where everything was 50% off, and then 75% off that. Everything must go, literally.) Then I got myself two bottles of OPI (everything! MUST! GO!) and some Haagen-Dazs (Belgian Chocolate Chocolate. No, that's not a typo). It was a good day. Apparently the rest of my family had a pretty shitty day, but I had nail polish and chocolate. Damn, it's good to be a gangsta.

And then, while I was browsing the OPI racks, it came to me: the solution to my problem. Collapse )

Collapse )

Are the eggs ready yet? Seriously.

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