September 13th, 2007

marie sleep

is sleeps tiem yay

Just so you know: I didn't keel over and die of bad vitamin or anything. It's been raining today so my internet connection's been sporadic at best, so Sister Girl and I basically sat in a dark den and watched random movies all day (Dear Broken Flowers : what the HELL?). I actually stopped taking the vitamin, which I had misremembered as a Centrum brand; it turned out to be One-a-Day WeightSmart Advanced, which is great and everything--my mother's taken it for years and swears by it--but after three nights of not being able to sleep, I said to hell with this and didn't take it this morning. It's possible that my antidepressants don't mix too well with caffeine, so there you are. I'm going to get Centrum Performance (Ginseng, Ginkgo, and Higher Levels of Five Essential B Vitamins. Are we all okay with that?) instead when I go to the store this weekend, as it doesn't seem to contain caffeine. If I really want green tea extract, shit, I'll just make some damn tea at this point.

Meanwhile, yesterday, my mother witnessed 1) a security guard hit a pedestrian with his car at a St. Vincent's Hospital crosswalk (but he wasn't a St. Vincent's security guard. He was simply a guard who guards something, somewhere, passing through...?) and 2) a man walk up to a human resources desk and declare, somewhat apologetically, even, that he had been visited by God and that God had informed him that he was chosen to take over the university presidency, and what could they do to help him with that? Also, she won a fresh flower arrangement and a Wine Thing at a company lunch/raffle. We don't know what the Wine Thing does--it's a box of three items that are seemingly unrelated and unrecognizable--but it was still good, because by that time, she needed a drink. It was that kind of day.

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