October 1st, 2007

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Knock on wood

Ah, October: the second awesomest month of the year for the holiday-minded. I got tons of work today, and even sorted out a major plot point that had been giving me frickin' hives. This is what happens when you take a relatively simple story and then expand it with a ton of new scenes while also keeping three subsequent installments in mind, people. I don't know how JK Rowling did it, except that she deserves every penny she got for it.

As for the linkspam, I think I'm just going to move on past the week or so I missed, because the thought of trying to sort through it makes me want to cry. There may be a reduced amount of 'spam for a while, because I'm pretty much going to have to read for research at nights while it's quiet and try to write during the day--I have the borrowed laptop for the entire month of October, huzzah!

Meanwhile, Sister Girl came down with some kind of 24-Hour Hell Flu over the weekend--not a stomach flu, but rather something so bad that she got "freezing cold, except that my head was on fire, and I started crying and Mom didn't know what to do"--and I promptly came down with it twelve hours later, except that I popped two Advil and some Tylenol Sinus, felt like hell for about four hours, and then was mostly fine by midnight. I'm still kind of snurfly today, but again: work getting done, so that was good.

P.S. It's Banned Books Week. You can read some banned books at ManyBooks.net. Also: Most Challenged Books of 21st Century (2000–2005).

Meanwhile, foresthouse is helping to develop a Discworld convention at nadwcon; you can read about her having dinner with Terry Pratchett this weekend here.

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