October 9th, 2007



Full Golden Compass trailer now online. (Hey! There's Christopher Lee!) As for voices you hear in the trailer, Kristin Scott Thomas will voice Stelmaria; Kathy Bates is doing Hester, as I'd already suspected (ETA: Huh. The clip I posted the other day isn't actually in the trailer); and as for the new Iorek voice that I, for one, was not all that happy about: " 'It was a studio decision…You can understand why you would cast Ian McKellen for anything,' Weitz told us. 'But letting go of Nonso was one of the most painful experiences on this movie for me. I need to say about Nonso that he is one of the most promising and soulful young actors I have encountered in England and I’ve worked here for quite a bit now and he’s actually in the next Mike Leigh…But it was, uh, that was kind of a dark day for me. I kinda wanna go out of my way to point out how much I love Nonso’s work. And that’s that.' " It just kills me because Kathy Bates is right for Hester, and I can totally see (hear?) Kristin Scott Thomas doing Stelmaria, but... McKellen is just wrong for Iorek. I love him, but... the voice they had in the earlier trailers was just so perfect.

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