October 10th, 2007

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Since I've just gotten off work, so to speak, and I want to lie down: trailer_spot has the hi-res direct downloads of the new Golden Compass trailer, so I downloaded the bigger one and made screencaps (with a delightful free program I found that did it all automatically. The KMPlayer at download.com, snuggle it for me if you see it). So: 712 caps, 1280 x 544, a 50 mb zip file, high quality, low weight, all made in three minutes, and you can see all the armored bears (of whom there are tons) and Christopher Lee and the golden monkey and the spyfly and the witches and the awful machine at Bolvangar, and when you ignore some of the new, overexplanatory weirdness (which doesn't show up in screencaps anyway): exciting.

(Note: if you didn't see the extended preview from a couple of months ago, definitely watch that. I think it was actually better in several respects.)

Also, just in: the final posters. Whee!

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I want to die. But just a little

Work was okay yesterday--I didn't get much done while Sister Girl was home, because she's still on her scary movie kick, and I just have a really hard time concentrating when it's not totally quiet. On the upside, 1) what I wrote wasn't much, but it was a tricky bit of collation from several different versions, so it was worthwhile and 2) we watched The Omen and Carrie. Collapse )

Today I got even less done and I was completely alone, for which I have no excuse except that I wanted to do nothing and curl up and lie very, very still (owwwww), but I did get a good chunk of chapter eleven done (yesterday was in chapter seven). A day in which anything gets done is a good day for me, really.

projectdownload addendum: several people have pointed out that MegaUpload will only count downloads from certain countries. Fortunately, the list is fairly long. As for contacting media or government officials in Oregon, Erin's decision is that she would rather not rock the boat:

Right now, Medicaid reform in Oregon is a very volatile issue. I've spoken at several symposiums about my condition and about the road I've traveled to get basic health care, let alone access to specialists. Members of state legislature were at each symposium I've spoken at.

Contacting the media in an attempt to rally more troops to my cause is something I fear will have more negative retribution than positive. I currently receive financial assistance from two major medical groups (OHSU and Providence) and I'm afraid of going on the news and having whatever I say be colored in a negative light to any organization I'm involved with currently. Simply put, I'm afraid if I contact the media, I'll suddenly lose the help I am getting and there's no way I can allow that to happen. It's taken me years to get to a place where I even have an appointment with a surgeon who can help me and if I lose that, I really won't know where to turn.

I know a lot of y'all were really eager to help, and that you might feel disappointed that she doesn't want to try this avenue. My take on this is that it's like gambling: she can take the help she's already managed to get and leave the table, or she can press her luck and play with dice that may or may not be loaded against her. I can't find fault with that logic.

Now, if MegaUpload punks out, I say that's when we call in the cavalry.

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