October 15th, 2007

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My top 40 blogs and a few other things

The bad news: I pinched my finger in the screen door this morning and it bled and it still hurts and ow, and now I have an epic migraine.

The good news: I wrote 3300 words today, woot.

PC Mag's top 100 blogs for 2007. The ones that I read: Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, Post Secret, Lifehacker (sometimes), Go Fug Yourself (obviously), Gawker (well, I keep an eye on headlines from the Gawker-Defamer-Jezebel trifecta), Comics Curmudgeon, AdFreak (hi, David!), Boing Boing, ohnotheydidnt (well, I skim the headlines. The comments will make you beat your head against a wall) and, of course, Cute Overload. Actually, you know what? I'll give you my essential daily reading. Not all the blogs on my RSS reader; just the essentials. I'd say I'm giving away my linkspam secrets, but it's not like y'all can't already tell which blogs I read just from the links themselves. In alphabetical order: Collapse )

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