October 19th, 2007


Friday night, while neighbor kids explode fireworks behind our house

I have just the lightest smattering of linkspam for you today, but make sure you read it, because there's another Sweeney Todd trailer, and (AND!) JK Rowling reveals that a prominent HP character is gay. Fundamentalists, start your righteous engines! Collapse )

By the way--it's a quick linkspam because my eyes still ache a little from going to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D. I highly recommend going, by the way--3-D works really well with the stop-motion animation, even when it just separates the foreground out from the background, but particularly when shit goes flying across the screen. There's a point, also, where Jack leans forward at the end of some song or other where it feels like he is literally leaning out of the movie screen into the audience. Delightfully freakish, would see again. Warning: Tickets may be a dollar or two more expensive than usual because it includes the cost of some fairly swank glasses. Also: Make sure you stop by the ticket window to pick them up; we pre-ordered tickets and picked them up from a machine, only to wander around for ten minutes wondering where the glasses were.

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