October 29th, 2007


Monday evening, blah

Okay, so I saw two movies of note over the last couple of days--as opposed to all the others on TV floating around in there, I mean--and the first one was Rendition Sunday night--the one about the innocent Egyptian-American man accused of terrorism and spirited away to a secret prison in North Africa. It was okay; I think the smartest thing in the whole movie was the casting. Meryl Streep didn't have very much to do, but when you saw her Ball-Breaker CIA Lady character coming, you instinctively quailed in fear if you'd seen The Devil Wears Prada. Reese Witherspoon didn't get much to do besides camp out pregnantly in a senator's office and scream a hundred variations on "WHERE IS MY HUSBAAAAAND????," but you knew her character would be smart, driven and determined. And Jake Gyllenhaal--the rookie operative in North Africa--got a little to do, but he spent most of the movie staring moistly at torture to indicate that it was Tearing Him Up Inside Omg, and that's exactly what you hire Jake Gyllenhaal for. So the casting shouldered most of the work, although there was a nifty little something I won't spoil that elevated the movie from two stars to maybe two and a half or even three.

(Side note: "Andrew Appel has some fascinating analysis of the "guilt by association" algorithm that AT&T uses to help the FBI figure out whose life to ruin with baseless accusations of terrorist involvement." So it's nice to know that the government is grabbing people on even shakier evidence than in the movie.)

And then this afternoon there was Hard Candy. Jesus H. Christ, is all I have to say about that. Well, and maybe this [spoilers]: Collapse )

So I didn't get a lot of work done today, is what I'm saying. Although I did get a decent hour's worth of hashing out additions to the first three chapters--when we need to do what, and so on. On Friday I wrote an entirely new beginning to the novelly thing--well, not entirely new; if you've read the original, you'll recognize it. But in terms of the actual words on the page, yeah, it's different. More dialogue, for one, and less melodramatic description. That is, there is both less description and the description that is there is also less melodramatic. Just so you know. I think it works pretty well, so, you know: good times.

Speaking of Ellen Page: New 'Juno' poster.

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